Scottish Eggs

Scottish Eggs

Here is a recipe that is sure to bring your kids and the rest of the family to Breakfast or Dinner! Why not make some Scottish eggs?

A Scottish egg consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in meat, coated in bread crumbs and deep-fried.

Boiled Eggs – 4 nos
Chicken Keema – 300g
Garlic chopped – 2 Flakes
Salt – A pinch
Parsley chopped – A pinch
Bread crumb – 200 g
Beaten egg- 1 nos
Oil – Enough to Deep Fry

-Mix the Keema,Garlic,Parsley, & Salt together.
-Divide the above mix into 4 balls.
-Once the eggs are boiled and cooled,remove the shell and gently shape the meat mix around the egg.
-Dip the meat wrapped egg into the beaten egg, and then roll it in breadcrumbs, repeat the process for a crispy surface.
-When the oil is hot, gently lower the eggs into the pan, keep in mind to turn them often.
-Once golden brown on the outside, remove the eggs off the pan.
-Cut the eggs into Half and serve it with Thousand Island Dressing.


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