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Nellara produces fresh ingredients from the finest produce of Kerala, ingredients that will enhance the flavor of your dish and have your family asking for more. From traditional range of Indian condiments, cold pressed coconut oil from the coasts of Kerala, high quality processed rice to freshly ground mixes of spices and masalas, Come to Nellara and reminisce the good old days of Kerala.




Kerala Cuisine can be called the King of India’s regional cuisine, no other state boasts of such large variety of finger licking gastronomical delights, be it chicken, mutton, beef, duck, or under water treasures such as mussels, crabs, tiger prawns, king prawns, shrimps, oysters, sardines, mackerel, tuna, red lobsters etc-the local Malayali has found a way to create appetizing dishes with authentic coastal flavors and spices.

Nellara pays homage to Kerala through the dishes we serve at our restaurants. We display our dexterity in incorporating the regional flavors, spices & fusion of cultures in all our dishes, that takes you down the memory lane and makes you yearn for more.




Puttu with Kadala 10.00 aed
Black Chick Pea / Spicy Coconut Gravy / Steam Rice Cakes
Irachiyum Porottayum 12.00 aed
Skillet fried pleated soft bread with Kerala special beef curry
Fish Curry Meals 15.00 aed
Available during lunch hours only
Chicken Biriyani 17.00 aed
Soup / Lemon / Garlic
Crispy Fried Beef 24.00 aed
Long sliced beef marinated in spiced butter
Beef Ularthiyathu 22.00 aed
Beef seared in spicy masala and fried crushed coconut


Nellara Kozhi Porichathu 25.00 aed
Chicken / Spices / Onions / Crushed coconut
Kozhikodan Beef Fry 22.00 aed
Thinly sliced beef / Chilies / Ginger / Spices roasted in coconut oil
Nellara Beef Curry 22.00 aed
Beef / Coconut gravy / Masala
Nellara Special Chatti Curry 32.00 aed
Kingfish / Raw coconut / Cocum / Raw mango
Mutton Chatty Curry 32.00 aed
Authentic red Mutton curry cooked in traditional clay pot


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Chocolate Cake

Who doesn’t like to bite into soft, freshly baked chocolate cake, the aroma is something that gets people salivating even in their dreams. Today we give you an incredibly simple chocolate cake recipe. Ingredients 225g flour 350g sugar 85g cocoa powder 1½ tsp baking......



Nellara is the one-stop destination for your catering and party orders. Just sit back and enjoy the large variety of finest dishes along with family, friends, and associates. For inquiries, You can contact Mr. Naseeb - +971 55 799 2820. We can't wait to have your party with us! #NellaraCatering #NellaraCelebrates #Nellara ...

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Tuesdays are great for deliveries! We are just one call away! Check our three branches, we will be happy to deliver your favorite dishes from Nellara! ...

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Feel free to visit our new business venture! To more spices! ...

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Join us for the grand opening of our new venture Al Filfil. ...

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Yusuf Pathan @ Nellara restaurant Al Qusais ...

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MES Sharjah honoring Justice P.K Shamsudeen at Nellara restaurant Sharjah. ...

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Feast in our signature Nellara dishes and find yourself excitedly devouring plate after plate! #OnlyinNellara #WeLoveToDeliver ...

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Tini Tom @Nellara restaurant Qusais ...

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One of the greatest joys of this season is the opportunity to say thank you to everyone who supported Nellara! We wish you a Merry Christmas! ...

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Better taste our new dish to agree with us! Such a miraculous taste! We are open for deliveries and bookings! What are you waiting for?

Call now to the nearest branch:
Qusais Branch - 04-280-6444
Karama Dubai - 04-337-4095
Butina Sharjah - 06-534-6944

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Let's make our Tuesday memorable by having one of the newest dish from Nellara! It is available for Prawn and Beef! ...

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For bookings and deliveries:
Qusais Branch - 04-280-6444,
Karama Dubai - 04-337-4095,
Butina Sharjah - 06-534-6944

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It's the last month of the year! How about trying our newest dish - the Beef Chattyil Vattichathu! Only here in #NellaraRestaurant ...

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On this day of national pride and honor, we wish you many congratulations and hope that you celebrate this day with your head held high and feel honored to be a citizen of this nation. ...

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Garlic is more than just a spice! Nellara Wellnes educates you with the reasons why to appreciate garlic even more! #NellaraWellness #NellaraRestaurant ...

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