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Tea & Snacks

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Spicy Evening Tea Snacks

A hot tea without delicious Evening Tea Snacks is something like missing the actual tea or coffee taste. We have both veg and non-veg snacks separately fried with native spices and ingredients that any age group loves to take with their tea time. Snacks are available from a normal Onion Pakoda(Ulli Vada) to our luscious Sugiyan. Nellara Restaurant masterchef’s have covered all varieties of appetizing tea snacks from dakshin style into our tea card. One who experiences their evening time with Nellara, will be our lovable visitor who frequently visits for refreshment.

Pazham Pori

Chicken Cutlet

Onion Pakoda


Tea Time Snacks

Tea Time Snacks come in a variety of forms including items made from native ingredients at Nellara. Our special combination of crispy Banana fry with beef gravy / chicken gravy is the main highlight among our tea time snacks that most of our foodies love to enjoy at their tea break. Next comes the Kalathappam with our mouth watering vegan / non-vegan gravies. The crispy spiced Samosa filled with different fillings of vegan masala and non-vegan masala is our all around tea snack loved by all age groups. Most succulent mix of frizzled snacks are our vegan and non-vegan cutlet, and chicken rolls are our card highlights.

Egg Bajji

Kaya Pola


Chicken Roll

Aloo Bonda


Sunset Time

Nellara snack timing and takeaways begin from 4PM to 7PM, foodies could partake in their evening tea and tea snacks at our satisfying outfitted spaces or they could appreciate their adorable space. We esteem our foodies time with the goal that focal points could be pre-requested to stay away from an excess of rush and slacking.