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Dubai’s Favorite Restaurant

Nellara Restaurant in Qusais is best known to be Dubai’s Favorite Restaurant as we have an attractive cuisine from the South Indian zone, mainly focused with Kerala Cuisines and its cultural cuisines. Nellara respects Kerala through the dishes we serve at our restaurants. We show our artfulness in joining the common flavors, flavors and combination of social orders in the aggregate of our dishes, that cuts you down the universe of affectionate recollections and makes you long for extra. Nellara makes new trimmings from the best produce of Kerala, trimmings that will update the sort of your dish and have your family mentioning more.

From India to U.A.E with our own neighborhood flavors, we have:

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Unique Meals On The Menu

Our master chefs prepare cuisines from starters to desserts with highly quality special spices that are brought from our Kerala Home Spices, to bring the authentic taste to our meal that one could experience the homely touch.

Nellara has her own 10+ years of experience with the foodies in Dubai from various circles of society. We have both happy families and bachelors who have an excellent feedback with Nellara meal, who are now the prime members of Nellara Family.

From the past 10+ years, we have brought 200+ Unique Meals that have been put together by our master chefs to our menu list,  that are being experienced by our lovely foodies.

Our Foodies

The most exciting news that’s spreading over is that most of our customers are among the other state or country foodies who visit Nellara Restaurant to experience the healthy home grown spices that are added to our Kerala Style Cuisines. Foodies from various parts of Dubai visit Nellara as we have a cultural touch both in our cuisines and the infrastructure we have set in Qusais.

Fast and Easy Indian Takeaway

Our Nellara Restaurant in Qusais is known for serving the true blue Kerala cooking with an abundance of various specialties like South Indian and North Indian dishes. Most cherished Indian restaurant that serves a solid degree of standard and present day Indian food varieties coordinated by master chefs. The most highlight in Nellara Restaurant is that our master chefs are well trained chefs from various parts of Kerala, who have years of experience in preparing cultural cuisines to the modern cuisines. Nellara provides Fast and Easy Indian Takeaway for those who love to enjoy the cuisines with their comfort premises. And it’s included for all scheduled meals at any time for our loving foodies and we value customers happy with its varieties of delicious food dishes.

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