Blackberry Smoothie

Blackberry Smoothie

The past week have been exceptionally tiring for all our stomachs, with the gorging of the delicious biriyani during Eid to the immediate jump into the Kerala sadya coupled with the innumerable shots of different payasams. Its thus no surprise that many of us have told our reluctant brains that this week is all about “Eating Healthy”.

This week we present you some healthy quick fixes you can include in your diet. For most of us, mornings are far from calm, hence breakfast is either skipped or unwanted sugar and carbohydrates are consumed in the form of flavoured cereals.

Here is a recipe of Blackberry Smoothie, not only does it fill your tummy up its also an excellent source of the nutrition.

Serves: 3

Ingredients :

2 Fresh Bananas

1 Cup Fresh Blackberries

1/2 Cup Milk

2 Tsp Sugar (optional)


Blend all the ingredients together until the desired consistency is achieved.

Pour it into serving glasses and garnish it accordingly.

PS: You can substitute blackberries with strawberries and milk with greek yogurt.





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