Kani Chicken recipe

Kani Chicken recipe


Medium sized chicken-500 gms

Onion: 2

Shallots: 4-5 (Use pestle & mortar to grind it)

Tomatoes: 1 – Slice them as large pieces

Green Chilly: 4- Slit lengthwise

Coconut Oil: 50 ml

Salt: According to taste

Turmeric Powder: Half Tsp

Curry Leaves-2 stalk

Lemon juice-1 Tsp

Curd-3 Spoonful

Chilly paste- Soak dried red chilly (10) in water, after a 5 minutes take the chilies out and grind them

Mustard seeds

Ginger-Garlic paste-30 gms

Copra Masala- Add small pieces of Copra to the regular Garam masala ingredients. Heat it in a pan and grind it once cool.


Crush the onions, shallots and the tomatoes with your hands, to this mixuture add all the other ingredients except Copra masala and Mustard. Leave the chicken to marinate in this mixture for about half an hour.

After 30 minutes transfer the contents into a pressure cooker and cook it for about 2-3 whistles, by now the chicken should be partially cooked. Add the Copra masala to this and cook until the chicken is done.



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