Malhar Biriyani

Malhar Biriyani

Born in the royal household of Mughal India, discovered almost by accident, the biriyani has travelled across the world to deem itself as the most popular food among different nationalities.

Over the years, Biriyani has constantly undergone changes. Different households across different regions have their own recipes, some use exotic local spices while others stick to the original version but experiment with meat, poultry, vegetables and seafood.

The different variety of biriyani that exist in India alone, include:

  1. Lucknow Biriyani
  2. Calcutta Biriyani
  3. Bombay Biriyani
  4. Hyderabadi Biriyani
  5. Sindhi Biriyani
  6. Ambur Biriyani
  7. Dindigul Biriyani
  8. Malabar Biriyani
  9. Bhatkali Biriyani
  10. Memoni Biriyani
  11. Kalyani Biriyani

Adding to this list is Nellara’s very own Malhar Biriyani.

The recipe of Malhar biryani is a well-guarded secret. A mildly spicy concoction of spices, herbs and local ingredients of North West India cooked to dum along with a unique variety of rice makes the Malhar Biriyani a must try for every biriyani lover.Though the Malabar biriyani is the most cooked form of biriyani in Kerala, the need to experiment among chefs and amateur cooks has resulted in imbibing different cooking techniques of  the other states.Thus a culinary experiment resulted in the birth of the Malhar biriyani.

The Malhar Biryani is a certified Nellara Trademark Biryani, exclusive to only our restaurants.

However be the preparation, there is no denying that Biriyani has become synonymous with celebration & festivity. Feast in our signature Biriyani’s and find yourself excitedly devouring plate after plate.






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