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Enjoy the best South Indian food at Nellara Restaurant

There are many things that make South India special for us, and definitely, its food culture has a significant role in it. The rich flavours of spices and curry masalas tempt every food lover to taste traditional native food for a satiating experience.

For enjoying the best South Indian food in Dubai, the Nellara Restaurant is the right table for you to reserve. Whenever you feel like having south Indian dishes like idli, vada, upma, along with others., we are always at your service to serve the best.
South Indian food is a very popular food all over the Middle East, especially in the Asian expat community of Dubai. The Nellara Restaurant continues to have a large following for its signature traditional dishes, including Masala Dosa.

The more you explore our menu, the more you will find reasons to fall in love with Kerala cuisine, along with other South Indian dishes. At Nellara Restaurant, we believe food is an art that unites people from different sections of society, and all of our dishes are prepared in consonance with that.

Have a Go of Our Best South Indian Food

A full tummy means a happy mind. That’s our belief when we serve the best South Indian food to our patrons. Kerala cuisine, specifically, has its own unique, cultural charm that fulfills the mind and stomach alike.

The speciality of South Indian food culture is that it is very spicy but still easy to digest. Our restaurant provides a sumptuous menu for foodies and families that offers a plethora of options to choose from. If you’re going through a crappy day, then having a pazham pori with a hot cup of tea might change your mood.

All of the traditional dishes at Nellara Restaurant are prepared by highly qualified chefs from different parts of the South Indian region, to make sure we serve our customers their beloved dishes by retaining all the flavours without compromising on quality. Every food ingredient, including oil and curry masalas, we use in our preparation is of the highest quality, and, just like our food, the entire restaurant is well maintained with hygienic standards.

Hot and Crispy Masala Dosa

Masala Dosa is a signature South Indian dish that every foodie must try at least once in their lifetime. Dosa is made out of a dal and rice batter mix and is served with hot sambhar and coconut chutney.

It is rich in robust carbohydrates and proteins and makes a healthy and wholesome dish for breakfast or as an evening snack. It has everything to keep your nutrition count intact and is absolutely delicious. Whatever your favourite traditional native dish is, Nellara Restaurant has it on the menu.

By using the right kind of rice, we serve you hot and crispy dosas by preparing them in the traditional way. The love of South Indians for plain dosa or ghee dosa is so popular among the Indian food cultures.

Many Keralite families are visiting our restaurant to enjoy both conventional and modern cuisine in a fine-dining ambience. Through in-depth research and understanding of the demands of customers, we are not hesitant to update our menu or our preparation methods.

Explore Kerala Cuisine with Nellara Restaurant

Many of the people around Dubai, except Indians, may only know or hear about Kerala cuisine from others. But Nellara Restaurant is always jubilant and dedicated to serving the best South Indian food to every person who loves Kerala and its food culture.

Finding a gold-brown masala dosa in Qusais is not hard anymore, and you can enjoy any traditional dish of your choice from Nellara Restaurant at affordable prices.

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