Traditional Kerala Cuisine Restaurant in Dubai | Nellara Restaurant

Nellara Restaurant

Traditional Kerala Cuisine Restaurant in Dubai | Nellara Restaurant

Tantalize Your Taste Buds With Kerala Cuisine

What makes “Kerala” different from other states of India? We all should say “everything”! From the swaying coconut palms to lush green paddy fields, Kerala is the ultimate destination that many travelers have on their bucket list. But when we talk about this fascinating land, its food culture will inspire us to explore it more.

Kerala cuisine is invariably rich and spicy, which can leave foodies in awe. Nellara Restaurant is the go-to spot for many patrons in Dubai because of the authenticity and quality of its dishes.

From serving a traditional healthy breakfast to a scrumptious dinner, our restaurant has become one of the best South Indian food spots in Dubai. Our menu can be satisfying for any individual because of the options it offers. Nellara Restaurant’s Kitchen is maintained by qualified chefs who have a diversified knowledge of South Indian cuisine, especially in Kerala-style preparations.

Full of refreshing and tantalizing flavors, as a food lover, you should experience the true magic of this South Indian cuisine at least once in your lifetime, and if you’re in Dubai, then Nellara Restaurant can deal with your cravings.

Have a Seat and Explore Kerala Cuisine from Nellara Restaurant

For the preparation of Kerala cuisine, Nellara Restaurant takes full advantage of the excellent seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables, and fine meat available in the Dubai market. No matter whether you’re trying South Indian food for the very first time or are an addicted lover of it, we have plenty in store for you, from fish curry meals to sadya served on a plantain leaf.

Every preparation is done by master chefs from various parts of South India to ensure the quality and taste that food lovers expect.

Nellara Restaurant only charges for any dish at affordable prices because we are in this food-related business for more than just financial objectives. We include curry leaves, chilly peppers, asafetida, fenugreek seeds, and mustard seeds, among other spices, to add zing and distinctive flavours to the dishes. The most attractive part of our menu is the “Naadan Adukkala”, which focuses on traditional South Indian vegetarian meals along with marvelous sets of Kozhi kothamalli Peralan, Beef idichu porichathu, Malabar Kozhi curry, Crab Chatti varattiyathu, Beef Kizhangu roast, Beef Kariveppila fry.

Kick Off Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast 

Ever since we started our restaurant, we have been receiving a heap of praise from around Dubai for serving mouth-watering hot and soft Kerala style healthy breakfasts such as Puttu, Idiappam, Appam, Idli, Dosa, and so on.

Many of the world’s food experts rate Kerala’s breakfast as one of the best in the world because of its nutritional value. Having a healthy amount of breakfast can make your daily activities smooth and efficient.

There are many breakfast combos that you can try at Nellara Restaurant. As varied as it can get, the options are plenty to choose from our menu. If you’re an avid fan of non-veg foods, then try our Puttu with Chicken Stew, or if you prefer a classic South Indian vegan breakfast, then have a Ghee Roast with our Nellara special Tea! By considering breakfast as the most important meal of the day, our chefs always provide something extra that leaves foodies excited to visit us again.

Nellara Restaurant Has Everything You Crave for!

A restaurant is somewhere people gather together to share some moments with their families and friends over delicious food. At Nellara Restaurant, we truly embrace this social norm in our service and preparations.

Kerala cuisine is our most popular delicacy, and we are proud to be one of the preferred traditional food hubs for many South Indian families. We offer a Kerala-style healthy breakfast from 8 AM to 11.30 AM at our restaurant, but if you’re in a hurry, there is a takeaway facility.

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