Enjoy Traditional South Indian Meals | Nellara Restaurant

Nellara Restaurant

Enjoy Traditional South Indian Meals | Nellara Restaurant

Experience Traditional South Indian Meals

The most significant advantage of living in Dubai for Indian ex-pats is that there won’t be any shortage of Indian culinary options. With every passing day, many Indian eateries are opening across Dubai, and foodies are always searching for the very best destination to enjoy some quality Indian food in a good ambiance.

Now they have got their penultimate spot to enjoy some traditional South Indian meals and other Indian cuisine prepared by master chefs from different regions of India.

We serve authentic Indian curries that can make you crave more. Nellara Restaurant places its core values on family bonds, friendships, and cultural exchanges, which can be experienced through our pleasant hospitality. 

We only charge fair rates on our meals because we want to ensure that our customers have an unforgettable dining experience with their loved ones. Just like a sweet confectionary such as a gulab jamun, our delicious dishes can make your tastebuds fall in love with the great Indian cuisine.

Delicious, Traditional South Indian Meals for Your Tastebuds

Customers demand perfection from preparation to serving, which makes Nellara Restaurant the right option for having traditional South Indian meals. Our menu offers a wide selection of South-style meals and Kerala-style meals, along with delicious starters, desserts, and beverages.

You can find your favourite South Indian dish, whether it is vegetarian or not, at Nellara Restaurant. We strive for originality in our preparation and presentation, which is one of the main reasons why many customers return to our restaurants on a regular basis.

Nellara Restaurant is driven by a vision to bring Indian communities together under one roof by serving them their nostalgic dishes in a truly authentic way. From tantalising fish curry meals to Sadya, you can find the difference that makes us separate from other Indian restaurants. By importing premier quality food ingredients from Kerala and different regions of India, we make sure none of our dishes will have a negative impact on our customers’ satisfaction.


Nellara Restaurant Serves Authentic Indian Curry in a Fulfilling Way

Curries hold a special place in Indian food culture, which cannot be found in any other place in the world. Curries are made with a handful of spices that can make anyone’s taste buds explode with flavour.

Depending on the type of dish, the curries are either mild or super spicy. At Nellara Restaurant, you can find many truly authentic Indian curries, such as mixed vegetable curry, paneer butter masala, etc.

We don’t add any extra agents to make the dish more attractive or tasty, because we believe that the biggest secret to a great dish is preparing it in a completely native way.

A pinch of salt can break or make a dish, so every dish should be prepared with the utmost care and dedication. Nellara Restaurant has been blessed with quality chefs who are absolute masters of their crafts. In any Indian curry dish we serve, you can experience the traditional richness of that particular dish with every bite.

We have a professional staff who can anticipate the needs of our guests and exceed their expectations with the attentive touches of our dedicated services and by serving the best food and beverages in town to experience a satisfying dining experience.

Every dish We Serve Has Some Tales to Tell

Nellara Restaurant always invites foodies to experience royal Indian cuisine by serving traditional South Indian meals along with some authentic Indian curry.

Every dish we serve will have some tasty tales to share with you because, at Nellara Restaurant, we believe that food is always meant to be passed on to the next generation, just like a beautiful story.

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