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Nellara Restaurant

South Indian restaurant in Dubai

Nellara Restaurant, The Most Preferred South Indian Restaurant in Dubai

As the largest expat community in Dubai, the Indians have plenty of culinary choices to choose from. Nellara Restaurant is the most preferred South Indian restaurant in Dubai because of the scrumptious spread of southern cuisine we offer to our food lovers.

We offer some of the well-known and beloved South Indian dishes to our food lovers, prepared in a truly traditional way. If you’re planning to experience palatable Indian delicacies, then Nellara Restaurant welcomes you for a heart-whelming dining experience.

Since its inception, Nellara Restaurant has been serving several exquisite dishes, including fresh seafood. As we believe that purity is the sole ingredient for preparing a delicious dish, our kitchen premises, raw materials, cooking methods, etc. are all well-maintained to top hygienic standards.

Just like a nostalgic moment, the satisfying taste of a dish can stay with us for the rest of our lifetime, and Nellara Restaurant prepares every dish to create everlasting memories with its foodies.

Nellara Restaurant: The Finest South Indian Restaurant in Dubai

From crispy Masala Dosa to Nadan Beef Fry, the Nellara Restaurant offers almost every South Indian signature dish. Our diverse menu has impressive vegetarian-based dishes and non-vegetarian dishes.

Our inspiration for cooking comes from the rich heritage of South India. All of the preparations are led by qualified experienced chefs and extensive knowledge of Indian cuisines, especially South Indian cuisine. Our aim is to serve the unique flavours of Indian cuisine to our food lovers by retaining all of its flavours and tastes.

Every ingredient we use in our dishes is imported from carefully selected South Indian crops, and we are meticulously committed to providing our foodies with a one-of-a-kind dining experience from start to finish. Most of our South Indian food lovers arrive at our restaurant to experience the true authentic taste of their beloved dishes. Being a renowned South Indian restaurant in Dubai, we focus on providing appetizing food at affordable prices without taking any risk on quality.

Enjoy delicious fresh seafood from Nellara Restaurant.

Nellara Restaurant is the ultimate destination for fresh seafood lovers. If you’re looking to have a Chemeen Mango Curry or King Fish Fry for your lunch, then Nellara Restaurant is the right place you should go ahead with. Prepared with our native special masalas, all of our marine dishes will make you nostalgic.

Every fish we use in our cooking is fresh from the market and hand-picked by our own professional staff. Let it be fish Pollichathu or traditional fish curry, it is the seafood that reigns supreme in Nellara Restaurant.

We are favoured by many families and foodies who love coastal cuisine. Our preparations are authentic and traditional, which is one of the reasons most of our foodies return to us to have their favourite seafood dish.

There’s a misconception that marine cuisine is expensive, but we offer exotic seafood dishes at budget-friendly rates. Our chefs also blend traditional and modern ways of cooking to provide creative flavours for our foodies.

Serving Great Memories with Delicious Food

The love for Indian cuisine is growing day by day in every region of the world. Nellara Restaurant has garnered several accolades as the finest South Indian restaurant in Dubai. There is nothing more satisfying than having your favourite dish in a pleasant ambience.

Within a short time period, we are now one of the most preferred eateries for families and foodies. The Nellara Restaurant offers a variety of cuisines, including fresh seafood, and is worth a visit for its zesty, flavourful, and aromatic South Indian dishes.

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