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Nellara Restaurant Sets The Table Apart From Other Top Restaurants In The UAE

The foodies’ love for Indian dishes, especially Kerala cuisine, is well known across the Middle East. Each dish has its own rich history and stories to tell. There are plenty of top restaurants in the UAE, but Nellara Restaurant always sets the table for Indian food lovers, along with other delightful dishes.

We serve each dish with the objective of making a long-term relationship with our customers, and we can proudly say that is the secret of our success as an Indian restaurant.

Nellara Restaurant provides a pleasant dining experience for the customers, with well-trained staff and expert chefs from various parts of Kerala to truly serve authentic traditional dishes.

Our restaurant in Qusais is the best restaurant in Dubai with a view that meets your dining expectations. We also provide home delivery for you to savour our dishes at your convenience. From starters to dessert, each dish has our special Nellara touch of magic.

Why is Nellara Restaurant More Popular Than Other Top Restaurants in the UAE?

The Middle East has a rich culture of blending both traditional and modern cuisine into daily life. Over the years, Indian restaurants have been the go-to-place for many food lovers across Dubai. By serving truly authentic Indian delicacies, especially Kerala-style dishes, Nellara Restaurant has been more popular than other top restaurants in the UAE. 

By providing contentment, we have created a long-term relationship with our customers. We always focus on reflecting our menu with different cuisines from around the world, and our endless hunger to innovate with each dish has made us a standout restaurant in the Middle East.
Our menu is broad enough and has an exquisite array of options to pick from, which is comfortable for both vegans and non-vegetarian foodies. We promise to treat your taste buds with some luscious flavors, whether it’s the famous Kerala style Biriyani or any Chinese dish.

Dine at the Best Restaurant in Dubai With a View.

Nellara Restaurant, along with stunning views, offers a distinctive dining experience for its customers. We have lavishing fixings, a mind-boggling building plan, and vibrant interiors to provide our customers with a memorable feast with our appetising dishes, which makes us the best restaurant in Dubai with a view.

Our sole aim is to serve quality food with complacency and spread the Indian culinary heritage to as many food lovers as possible. Our family-favorite restaurant is a perfect spot for celebrating any special occasion with your loved ones.

With an array of fascinating dishes to select from, Nellara Restaurant is widely acclaimed for its customer-friendly services and the dining experience it provides at affordable prices. Our kitchen premises are well maintained with hygienic measurements because we believe the quality of any dish is directly related to the ambiance in which it is made, and we treat each of our customers as one of our own family.

Nellara Restaurant Has Something Delicious For Everyone.

A good dish is all about celebrating its rich flavours, but a great dish is all about celebrating its rich flavours by connecting people. Each time you visit our restaurant, we can assure you that there’s something delicious waiting for you, thus making us one of the best among the top restaurants in the UAE.

Our family-favorite restaurant is a perfect spot for celebrating any special occasion with your loved ones. By providing a unique experience to our customers, we became the best restaurant in Dubai with a view that serves truly authentic Kerala dishes along with other conventional cuisines by combining traditional spices with modern culinary techniques.

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