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Nellara, Your Best Dine-in Restaurant in Dubai, is Now Bigger and Tastier!

Nellara Restaurant, your top Indian dine-in restaurant in Dubai, is reopening the business in a brand new way. We are reopening with significant changes to improve your dining experience and to add more flavours to our menu.

Nellara Restaurant focuses on providing customers with an attractive cuisine from the South Indian zone, mainly focused on Kerala cuisine and its cultural cuisines. We experiment with the conventional cuisines with Kerala’s heritage dishes to make it a tasteful experience for our customers. Nellara Restaurant has been the most recommended family restaurant in the U.A.E. by creating a unique taste and keeping the true essence of Kerala cuisine. Serving traditional dishes without losing their soul made us who we are today, and with the reopening, we can promise our loyal customers that things are going to get a little tastier from now on. 

What makes us stand out from the cheap Indian restaurants in Dubai is our top-quality chefs and enthusiastic work team. This time, we are reopening our restaurant in the most advanced way to ensure a happy dining experience for our customers.

What Makes Nellara Restaurant One of the Best Dine-in Restaurants in Dubai?

Our uniqueness and experience are what make us stand out from the crowd. We never failed to deliver the true essence of Indian cuisine to our customers. Our menu is always updated as per the demands of our customers. To become one of the best dine-in restaurants in Dubai, you need an efficient team, and Nellara Restaurant has a strong core team who relentlessly works hard to uplift the restaurant’s name and reputation among the food community. We update our dishes with in-depth research and feedback from the food critics. Nellara Restaurant can promise you the most modern and traditional Kerala flavours without losing its soul on your table. With the reopening, our customers can expect a lot from us, and it’s a challenge as well as an honour to compete as the best in business.

Nellara Restaurant Promises Quality, Unlike Other Cheap Indian Restaurants in Dubai.

When you are in search of quality food without paying a lot for it, you are probably going to end up in any of the cheap Indian restaurants in Dubai, but what makes Nellara Restaurant stand out from the crowd is the quality we offer to our customers without overpricing the menu. We never let our standards down for profit, and our cooking process is completely healthy. Nellara Restaurant is your culinary partner for a true celebration of rich Indian cuisine.

Nellara Restaurant is Now Bigger and Tastier!

By reopening, we are aiming to provide you with a delicious feast with conventional and South Indian tastes. Nellara Restaurant has now become the top dine-in restaurant in Dubai, so there won’t be any issues grabbing a seat or table to enjoy your delicious meal. We have made many significant changes to our menu to ensure a hearty meal for our customers. By improving hygiene and quality, we will raise the standards of Indian cuisine and spread its royal exquisiteness to every food lover across the Middle East. Our core team consists of top professional chefs, culinary skilled employees, and top-notch individuals from the hotel management industry, and you will taste the difference between our food and services compared to other cheap Indian restaurants.

Nellara Restaurant promises you that with our dishes you can taste home and they will take you back to your tasty memories. Whether it’s Chinese or any continental dish, we can offer you the true essence of it without any adulteration or preservatives. As a family, we all require your prayers and blessings for our reopening and will treat you with mouth-watering dishes as the best dine-in restaurant in Dubai.

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