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Nellara Restaurant

Nellara Restaurant Serves Delicacy as the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

Indian cuisine is widely known for its broad range of varieties and fascinating use of spices. As Indians are migrating and exploring different nations, the opportunities for spreading the flavours of Indian cuisine are also limitless.

Nellara Restaurant has been known as the best Indian restaurant in Dubai because of the flavour we bring to the table, especially the South Indian dishes. We ensure the blending of traditional and conventional foods to truly provide every Indian food lover with a one-of-a-kind dining experience.

We are preferred by many as their favourite restaurant in Dubai because we serve premium, exquisite dishes with quality and hygiene. Our decade of experience in bringing out Kerala style food as well as other Indian dishes has made us the foremost leader among Dubai restaurant chains. Every member of our staff, including the chefs, is professionally trained and has extensive experience in preparing cuisines that truly celebrate Kerala’s rich cooking traditions.

Nellara Restaurant Brings Authentic Meals to Your Table as the Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

The secret recipe for any successful restaurant lies in the way food is served to its customers without losing its authenticity. Every product we use in our cooking is imported from the respective region to assure our customers that each dish we serve is truly authentic and delicious. Our menu offers South Indian and North Indian dishes along with Kerala cuisine, and that makes us one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai.

Nellara Restaurant always focuses on customer satisfaction, and we believe having a restaurant that serves Indian dishes makes us responsible. Our sole aim is to spread the rich culture of Indian cuisine across the Middle East by providing memorable feast experiences for our customers. If you’re in Dubai and looking for Kerala style foods that bring savour to your mouth, then choosing Nellara Restaurant will be a delicious choice.

Nellara Takes Pride In Being Your Favorite Restaurant

Everyone has their own favourite dishes, but it is really remarkable to be everyone’s favourite restaurant. Having a versatile menu that pleases people from different cultures has pushed us to go beyond and truly motivated us to bring on the true celebrations of heritage dishes. Consistency as a top restaurant offering Kerala-style dishes necessitates effort, and we have hired chefs from various regions of Kerala to prepare Keralite dishes exactly as they taste back home.

Dubai has been a nation that welcomes migrants with open arms, and we have welcomed each of our customers with Kerala food, along with other Indian dishes, with open tables. Our restaurant in Qusais is well built with the infrastructure to welcome foodies from across the nation. From Dosa to Beef Varattiyathu, we have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian classic dishes with modern cuisine.

From Starters to Dessert, Nellara Restaurant Feels Like Home.

Nellara Restaurant, the best Indian restaurant in Dubai, values the cultural emotions of our customers, and we respond to that by serving Indian dishes that meet the expectations of our loyal customers. We make necessary changes according to the recent trends in food culture and also take our customers’ valuable suggestions into consideration. Every dish we prepare is made by using natural flavours without adding any colouring agents or additives.

If you’re missing home and looking for those tasty dishes, then Nellara Restaurant is the right destination. We have become every Indian food lover’s favourite restaurant due to the high quality of food we serve using traditional cooking methods and pure coconut oil with super fresh spices. Nellara Restaurant has an assortment of modern and traditional dishes, and with each bite, you can experience the taste just like it was at home.

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